Server Equipment & Data Center Decommissioning Services

Server Equipment and data center Decommissioning is the process of removing a server or other server equipment from your IT network.

Server Decommissioning is usually done when companies need to upgrade their equipment, downgrade their requirements or close down a Server Room, Co-Location or Data Center Facility.

We know that Servers, Server Rooms, Co-Locations and Data Centers are the heart of most organizations

At Server Movers, our priority is to implement a properly executed Server Equipment Decommissioning Service – professional, straightforward and secure.

We can Customize Server Gear Decommissioning Solutions for your facility in addition to providing data, hard drive and storage destruction services. We also provide end of life device recycling and disposal.

Avoid issues of security, expense, and privacy threats when it comes to Decommissioning your Server Equipment.

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Here's what we include in our Server and Data

Center Decommissioning Service:

Identify and record

Identification, audit and registration of equipment to be decommissioned.

Create a report

Identification and retention of all software licenses associated with the server equipment.

Terminate contracts

Advise on the cancellation of any vendor maintenance contracts associated with the servers or software.


Power down. Remove wires and cables. De-rack the equipment. Pack the equipment and securely transport the equipment to the final destination.

Unplug, de-cable equipment

Elimination of ACLs, subnets and firewalls.

Wipe data

Extraction for physical destruction or data erasure disinfection with secure and certified overwrite.

Pack and remove/recycle

We pack and remove the equipment from your facilities. We adapt the process so that you can reuse your equipment, sell it or dispose of it safely.

Clean cage area

Post-decommissioned debris cleaning work in the area.

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