We provide Premium Insurances for all your Server Moves.

Server Movers are Experienced Professional Nationwide Movers of High Value Server Equipment, Data Centers & Server Racks.

Are you migrating your valuable and sensitive data center, server equipment or server racks?

Avoid the financial risks, stress, and delays of moving your server equipment by partnering with the nationwide professional server equipment moving experts. Server Movers

Server movers professional IT server technicians are highly experienced in the SAFE local or national relocation of your data center, server equipment, or server racks.

Our twenty-four years of experience relocating only server equipment ensures your company unparalleled peace of mind during the migration of your data center, servers, or server racks. 

       Also, in addition to moving, customization options are available which can include de-wire/cable, de and re-racking, packing and secure private transport,

We offer the ability and experience to overcome most any challenge that may be faced while executing your move.

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About us

Server Movers provides expert relocation of Data Centers, Server Equipment and Server Racks

We also specialize in moving populated (loaded) Server Rack and Cabinets.

We can move your Server Equipment within the same building, across the street or across the nation.

The only personnel who touch, pack, and transport your Server Equipment are our own teams of IT professionals who understand the challenges and risks that must be addressed when moving business, corporate and enterprise Server Equipment. 

We never use third parties or sub-contractors.

Server Movers provides safe, secure, private transport for your Server Equipment. Your equipment is the only equipment on our vehicle. We demand no less than the highest standards and protocols from our teams while moving your Server Hardware.

We pledge to provide a safe and secure relocation of your high-value server equipment with services and solutions that will exceed your expectations at every turn.

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What people are saying

Discover what others have to say about Server Movers migration and relocation services

"I find that Server Movers is a highly capable company, whether you want to relocate a data center, a server or your entire IT equipment; they have experts with a lot of skills, they advise you on the first call for free to help you your relocation is superior, and all the people within the company are incredibly respectful, helpful and caring."
Testimonial 1 - Server Movers
Jake H.
"Relocating IT equipment can be overwhelming, and through the experience of Server Movers I have moved all my business hardware to the new destination with no worries! A move that would never have been possible without their help. Ultimately, I am sure that I would never have been able to relocate my IT team if I had not requested the services of Server Movers."
Testimonial 2 - Server Movers
Brandon L.
"What do I think of Server Movers? The most professional company I have ever met! I am planning to make another move and will continue to use them! The experts are very authentic and open! Managing hardware relocation with Server Movers is MANDATORY! There is everything you need to make a fast and reliable transfer!"
Testimonial 3 - Server Movers
Eddie K.

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