Server Movers specializes only in the Secure Moving and Relocation of Servers, Data Centers, Server Rooms and Server Racks.

Server Movers has been providing Professional, Safe and Secure Server Equipment Moves locally and nationally for over 24 Years!

Our Server Moving Technicians understand the numerous challenges to be overcome when providing Data Center Relocation, Server Moves and Server Rack Transport.

Local and Nationwide Secure Server Equipment Moves

Our Server, Data Center and Rack Relocation Solutions are unsurpassed in the Server Equipment Moving Industry.

Local or Nationwide Secure Server Equipment Moves

Replace your hardware with new units and then dispose of old ones with strict methods to protect your business data.
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Data Center and Server Decommission Solutions

Our Decomm Services Include Audit, De-Installation, Packing And Transportation, Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling.

Data Center and Server Decommissioning Solutions

Safely move all of your company's IT equipment to the destination of your choice.
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Server Equipment Recycling & Disposal

Avoid the consequences of improper IT Disposal. We will pick up IT Equipment from your office and recycle it using best practices.

Server Equipment Removal and Recycling

Get rid of items that are considered electronic waste and must be recycled by law due to the toxic materials used in their components.
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Server Rack and Stack Solutions

Our Expert Technicians will design your racks, mount your gear, wire and cable your rack and provide complete documentation.

Rack and Stack Solutions

Avoid time-consuming tasks that must be completed each time a new cluster of servers, storage devices, or network equipment is installed.
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Computer Movers

Trust your computers to the experts at Server Movers. We will carefully de-install, pack, move and deliver your computers safely and on time.

Computer Movers

Carefully relocate your computer with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced team.
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Server Rack Movers

We can move your rack “populated” (equipment intact) or de-rack, pack, securely transport and then re-rack your Server Equipment at the destination.

Server Rack Movers

Move your rack “populated” (with equipment intact) or de-rack, pack, securely move and then re-rack your Server Rack Equipment at the destination.
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Server Movers offers Customized Relocation Solutions. Our Highly Insured Certified Moving Technicians are well qualified in the safe de-racking, packing and secure transport of your Server Equipment.

Unlike “furniture movers” our twenty-four years of experience movng and relocating only Servers, Data Centers and Server Racks ensures your company unparalleled peace of mind during the Migration of your valuable Server Rquipment.

Your Server Equipment Relocation can be customized to your particular needs. We can include de-wire/cable, de and re-racking, professional packing and secure private transport.

We never use third parties or sub-contractors.

We offer the ability and experience to overcome most any challenge that may be faced while planning and executing your move.

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Server Movers - IT Equipment Movers

Server Movers provides safe expert relocation of Data Centers, Server Equipment and Server Racks. 

We also specialize in moving Populated (loaded) Server Rack and Cabinets.

Server Movers experienced technicians can move your Server Equipment within the same building, across the street or across the nation.

The only personnel who touch, pack, and transport your Server Equipment are our own teams of IT professionals who understand the challenges and risks that must be addressed when moving business, corporate and enterprise Server Equipment. 

We never use third parties or sub-contractors.

Server Movers provides safe, secure, private transport environment for your Server Equipment. Your equipment is the only equipment on our vehicle. We demand no less than the highest standards and protocols from our relocation teams while moving your Server Hardware.

We pledge to provide a safe, secure custom relocation of your high-value server equipment with services and solutions that will exceed your expectations at every turn. Our customer service is second to none.

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