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Server Movers offers several Data Center, Server Room and Server Rack Solutions that can Save your company time, money, and precious resources.

This Service provides the Removal and or Installation of Server Equipment from/to Server Racks and Cabinets. We can also devise proper installation elevations and diagrams for your server equipment installations. We can also professionally map your server network.

Rack and Stack, also known as Server Equipment Re-install and De-install or Server Equipment Dismount and Remount. Server Movers has all the skills and tools required to conduct Server Equipment Hardware Installation and or Removal safely and properly to and from your racks.

We know that server rack and stack is one of the most important elements of any data center

This Service is popular when moving Server Equipment from its Origin to a new Destination or when deploying new server equipment. Also, when installing or adding new Server Racks and Cabinets to an existing facility.

The Rack and Stack Service is available both when combined with our other Solutions such as Server Equipment Packaging, Inventory Services and Secure Transportation Services or Rack and Stack may be purchased as a stand-alone solution.

Server Movers can help your company with our professional server rack design and installation Service. Or, of course, we can you your existing VISIO diagram.

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Here's what we include in our Rack and Stack service:

Server Rack design and layout

Increase your productivity and storage capacity while reducing the cost of stored equipment.

Inventory, labeling, tag, and audit

We use inventory control tags to identify, track and simplify the management of your server.

Follow your VISIO layout to diagram your rack

We use your VISIO layout as a tool to accommodate any special flexibility or productivity needs that you may have.

Securely receive and unpack all the server equipment

We accept the delivery, unpack the equipment and deploy your server at the destination.

De-installation of server hardware from server cabinets

Our qualified personnel will go to the site of origin and extract all the equipment along with accessories and peripherals from the server.

Re-installation of server hardware from server cabinets

We plan the installation of your server rack in the new location to avoid mistakes.

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