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Free yourself from the stress of your computer movers with our team of experienced computer relocation technicians

Server Movers is a specialty moving company that only moves Computer Equipment.

You need an experienced company with the necessary knowledge for moving Computers, Workstations, and other sensitive IT equipment.

Our Computer Moving Specialists are experienced, dedicated IT personnel that have the expertise how to de-install, handle and securely pack and safely transport your Computers and or Workstations across the street or across the nation.

We make sure your assets are protected

All of our Computer Relocation Services can be customized and scalable to your needs. Server Movers provides only the highest-quality services and solutions for every Computer Move. Large or small.

In addition to moving Computers and Workstations, we also move other Office Technology Equipment including copiers, servers, printers, and other hardware.

For information on Server, Data Center or Server Rack Moves please go to our main page or contact at the toll-free phone number listed above on top of the page.

Our Computer Relocation Services are safe, secure, and seamless.

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Here's what we include in our Computer Movers service:


A Server Movers project manager will assess your hardware environment and develop a plan to provide a smooth Moving experience. We can provide a pre-move inventory of equipment to be moved. This process can eliminate any confusion for larger jobs.


Our experienced technicians disconnect and gather all cables and peripherals.

Packaging & Labeling

Server Movers identifies and packages your Computer Equipment to protect from transport damage.

Secure Transport

Equipment transport is safely and securely provided by Server movers, No third parties.

Re-installation and Reconnect Service

Our technicians will unpack your equipment at the destination and reconnect Computers and Workstations as required.

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