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Server, Computer Hardware and IT Equipment Recycling Services

Businesses are required by state and federal laws to properly Recycle IT hardware, computer equipment and servers. This technology is considered electronic waste and legally has to be properly Recycled.

The first and most important part of proper Computer Equipment IT Recycling is that Server Movers Recycling takes full ownership of your E-waste equipment thereby relieving you of any legal obligation.

At Server Movers, we have many years of experience offering Businesses and Corporations professional E waste and IT equipment disposal. 

We also offer recycling to municipal agencies, schools and most other venues.

When you are ready to dispose of and recycle your old Computer Equipment, Servers and IT hardware, Server Movers offers you a reputable, professional Recycling solution to make your recycling project safe, legal and secure.

Avoid the consequences of a security breach or even the thought of litigation. Let SERVER MOVERS remove, pick-up and process your retired computer assets.

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Here's what we include in our Computer Equipment Recycling Services

Pick-up, E-Waste removal and collection

We offer a professional service for the safe collection and transfer to our facility of electronic waste for compliant recycling.

The recycling BEGINS, implementing professional and regulatory protocols

We take care of the recycling process from start to finish - from the collection point. security, materials, to the paperwork.

Data destruction via shredding or compliant erasing of all storage and hard drives

We provide compliant solutions to physically destroy or erase drives that ensures data is 100% destroyed.

Product inventory and audit

Server Movers provides you with an inventory of the e-waste items that were picked up and recycled along with equipment resolution.

Professional certificate of recycling and destruction

You can retain the Certificate of Destruction we provide as proof for your records in the event there are ever any questions about the recycled IT equipment.

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