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Server Movers New York is the Server

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The experience and insurance coverages of the Server and Data Center moving company you choose in the New York area can vary widely in expertise, knowledge, and skill set.

Server Movers in New York is a specialty IT mover. Our 24 years’ experience moving only Servers, Server Equipment, Data Centers, Server Rooms, and Server Racks makes us the leading choice for your move.

Server Movers is the premier and most trusted Server moving company in the New York area. We are experienced in Relocating the Server Infrastructure of all sizes and scopes of businesses and corporate environments.

The most crucial decision you make when moving your Server Room, Data Center, Servers, or Server Racks is to hire qualified local New York Server Movers to organize, plan and implement your Server Equipment Relocation project.

Our certified teams of IT Server technicians are skilled in de-cabling, de-wiring, de-racking, packing and securely moving your Server Equipment no matter if you are moving across the street or across the country, we have a national infrastructure in place that can make your Server Relocation timely, secure, and safe. At the destination, we can un-pack and re-rack your server equipment according to your parameters. Or we can provide a rack and stack solution customized to your needs.

Server Movers New York can help walk you through each step of your move with our Free Project Management Services to make sure you are fully understanding of all Server Equipment Moving requirements.

Project Questionnaire

Our Server, Data Center and Server Rack moving solutions start with a convenient online project questionnaire, asking precise questions about your Server Equipment, the items to be moved, the logistics of the origin and destination facilities, where equipment will be located, and any special instructions. Using the information on our questionnaire, our project management team can provide you a professional detailed quote for your Server Equipment move in the New York area.

Upon acceptance of our quote, we will assign you a personal Project Manager to manage your move from start to finish. Our project managers have the expertise, knowledge, and experience necessary to help you get ready for the day of your move. Our project managers can consult with you regarding challenges that may be encountered, security preparations that may need to be made or any other concerns you may have about your New York Server Relocation.

Qualified Professionals

Server Movers has the best technology and project moving managers in the business. We never use third-party or outside services to help with moves, giving you peace of mind of knowing your equipment is safe. Each employee we hire is carefully screened. We then choose only those experienced in technology moves and further educate them in the CWS Server Movers way. Properly de-racking, packaging and safely transporting your equipment.

Our company also takes secure trucking seriously. We use unmarked trucks to transport your equipment no matter if your move is across town or to a separate part of the country. We manage moves throughout the U.S., so whether you are moving to or from the New York area or New York City we can help.

Specialized Materials

Some computer transport services use pallets and blankets to move a business’s equipment, but CWS Server Movers knows this method can cause damage. Instead, we use our specialized anti-static, anti-humidity packaging that protects against some of the biggest dangers Servers face during relocation. We also use specialized materials that protect equipment against shock.

During the planning process, our Server Movers determine the age and condition of important server equipment and plan accordingly. Some businesses have file or application servers that are aging but need to remain in commission for a while longer. Our movers take exceptional care to ensure that Server Equipment is safeguarded while it is being moved to and from the truck, as well as while the truck and moving.


In addition to our various liability insurance policies, our computer transport services include cargo/catastrophic insurance to cover any loss or damage that might occur while on the truck. Cargo insurance can be adjusted to fit a client s specific need. Our trucks are equipped with security to further keep client equipment safe during the move process. Whether your move will be completed in the same day or will take hours or days of travel across the country, you can trust that your equipment is in safe hands with our highly skilled drivers.

When your New York area business plans a Server, Server Rack or Data Center Relocation, Server Movers New York is the only server moving company for the job.

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